Making models using office waste

Last Updated 23 December 2018, 13:07 IST

Vijay Prakash uses waste office materials to make models. He cultivated the hobby as a way out to cure his boredom at work as an office assistant.

Fevicol, colour papers, hard binds, table calendars, waste papers, and decorative beads are among the raw materials used by Vijay. “The materials I use are all from the wastebasket. The only money I spend is for fevicol and the beads,” he adds.

Chariots, bungalows are a few of Vijay’s favourite things towork on.
Chariots, bungalows are a few of Vijay’s favourite things towork on.

He started his art way back in 2000 and has come up with more than 30 models till date. Horse chariots, bungalows, miniature gardens... Vijay’s creativity knows no bounds.

He takes pictures of the things he likes and then makes a blueprint of it before creating models.

When asked about his initial attempts, Vijay mentioned that the initial one month was a nightmare. “I failed in all my attempts. It was only after a month that I succeeded. Since then, there has been no looking back,” he shares.

“My favourite model to work on is chariots and they are always gold in colour,” he shares. Vijay mostly prefers the colour gold in all his models.

Vijay’s family insists upon taking this up as a side business, but he is keen on keeping the art to himself and not commercialise it.

“I have no intention of making money out of my hobby. I took it up because I am passionate about it. I do it only when I have free time on my hands,” he declares.

Vijay also mentions that it takes a lot of time to cut a piece of hard bind and that it requires a lot of patience.

“This is something which cannot be taught. One has to learn from their mistakes. But, if any interested people approach me, I will be happy to help them,” he says.

The artist doesn’t post anything on social media, and he notes that there is a need for people to come out of their mobile phones and get more creative.

“I am more of an offline person. Whatever fame I have received till now, is only because of the word of mouth,” he signs off.

(Published 23 December 2018, 12:01 IST)

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