Minimalist fashion not for everyone: Ritu Beri

Last Updated 05 January 2019, 03:25 IST

Delhi-based designer Ritu Beri, a protege of French embroiderer Francois Lesage, is all for the minimalistic fashion trend. In a conversation with Aditi Saxena, she shares her thoughts, style tips and more about the new trend.

About the concept of minimalist fashion.

Fashion is about being true to your personality and being comfortable in what you wear. Minimalist fashion is not for everyone, some like to be more dressy, and some underplay, but for those who like minimal approach and are new to it I would say highlight your strongest part either go high on your outfit or accessories or makeup, don’t mix it all.

Is it okay to view it as ‘too simple and boring’?

Not at all. But whatever you choose under minimal clothing should be of the right fit and stitch so that it looks smart. Another trick is to choose pieces that are versatile instead of being so-called fashionable.

What is the myth around minimalist fashion?

People think minimalist is for people who are not fashionable, but I think the chicest and most fashionable people can be minimalist in their approach and look fabulous.

As a designer, is the trend challenging to work with and does it test creativity?

Yes, it does, but that’s the fun part of it. For a designer, any new design or an outfit involves starting from scratch. Because the innovation, ideation and creativity come from within.

A style tip for people who are experimenting with this concept or lifestyle?

Like I said earlier, don’t go overboard, choose your strong point and highlight that. If you have long legs, wear a nice short skirt and for those who can carry off accessories, experiment with them.

(Published 04 January 2019, 13:20 IST)

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