Modern Indian cuisine in a fine dine setting

Experimentations with the humble street food at Maziga are worth a try.
Last Updated 01 March 2019, 15:46 IST

Modern Indian cuisine may not be a familiar term in the average foodie’s dictionary but Maziga aims to change that. Situated on the top floor of VR Bengaluru in Whitefield, the fine dining place serves mainly North Indian and Mughlai dishes with a fusion touch.

All glass and lights, Maziga is a visual delight even from outside. Wine cellars at the entrance give it a polished look, which is accentuated by rectangular chandeliers and a toned down colour palette and seating arrangements.

We tried their special 15-course menu that takes one on a journey through India, by serving innovative fusion dishes from various states across the country. It is priced at Rs 2200 and has to be booked a day in advance, as some of the ingredients have to be sourced.

We started off with ‘Chat Masala Yoghurt Spherification’, which is chat masala inside a yogurt ball. When you consume it, the outer layer pops open to a burst of delicious slimy masala yogurt. The ‘Goat Brain Pav’, minced meat inside a pav, served with picked sauce and beetroot sauce, is a decent try while the ‘Veg Kheema Pav’ is a filling and good enough substitute for vegetarians.

The combination of ‘Quinoa Upma Cod Fish Kaffir Lime Sauce’ is unheard of but don’t let that deter you. The fish was soft and perfectly cooked and the smell was very mild, which is a blessing for many finicky eaters. ‘Chicken liver’ is an okay option; though we were surprised to taste chicken liver cold for the first time. ‘Banana Flower Dumpling’, light fried dumplings in tomato based soup, is a refreshing and light dish that invigorates your tastebuds. Same goes for the ‘Edamame Beans and Green Peas Soup’.

The ‘Malvani Prawns with Charcoal Lentils Pancakes’ is a good try. The Malvani Prawns was soft and juicy, complemented by the activated charcoal pancakes. The subtle taste of spices was the main attraction.

The ‘Tandoori Smoked Duck with Kashmiri Rogan Josh Spices’ is soft and succulent and has spices evenly spread throughout.

The ‘Gilawant Kebab Kulcha’, minced meat, tossed in spices, inside a kulcha, was low on spices and somewhat dry. The Seafood Pilaf’ was nice but people who are not too aware of scallops or how it tastes can have a problem with the strong smell of the pilaf.

The mildly cheesy ‘Risotto Khichdi’ is true comfort food that satisfies your soul.

Turmeric Kulfi
Turmeric Kulfi

The ‘White Chocolate Golgappa’ is an interesting twist to the age-old street food of India. A golgappa is filled with regular masala pani and chocolate and the burst of flavours in your mouth is worth experiencing.

The ‘Chef Special Sorbet’, served in a teapot (how cute!) is a special sorbet with a hint of almond and brocolli.

The ‘Thandai Panacotta’ is a unique and delicious mix of the traditional Indian drink (Thandai) and a modern dessert (pannacotta). The ‘Turmeric Kulfi’ does not have a strong taste of turmeric though the name and colour make one feel otherwise.

Special shoutout to the lovely, Instagram-worthy plating. Maziga is located on third Floor, VR Mall, B Narayanapura, Mahadevapura, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield.

(Published 01 March 2019, 12:59 IST)

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