Metrolife: An ode to all mothers

Last Updated 10 June 2018, 17:20 IST

Director K M Chaitanya is known to bring in a different feel and flavour to all his films. His body of work, whether a realistic film on the underworld like ‘Aa Dinagalu’, an adult comedy like ‘Parari’, a social thriller like ‘Aatagara’ or a paranormal subject like ‘Aake’, has always thrown up new challenges in the art of filmmaking. Chaitanya’s latest project, ‘Amma I love you’, is relevant to our times. In an interview with Nina C George, Chaitanya, talks about his experience of working on the project.

What inspired you to make ‘Amma I love you’?

As a filmmaker, I have been fortunate to have worked in various genres. And since I haven’t repeated any genre, there is no comfort zone. With every new project, I learn how to narrate a story in that genre. ‘Amma I Love you’ is an emotional, social drama - a genre that I am attempting for the first time. It is a powerful story told in the classical style of narration.

What is the essence of the story?

A mother’s love transcends religion, country, language and even species. It is the purest form of love. In this film, we see the extent to which a son goes and the hardships he faces to save his mother. In the process, the hero also gets transformed. It is a story of love and transformation.

Is the film, in some ways, a reflection of your own experiences?

Filmmaking is a personal experience. I often add my experiences. The people I know and I’ve observed are brought in as references. It’s not just me but even the actors, technicians and everybody, involved in making the film, borrow from their lives to bring the film alive.

The audio has been received well. What makes it different?

V Nagendra Prasad who has penned the lyrics for the song on the mother has proved to be successful. His song ‘Appa I love you’ was a big hit in ‘Chowka’. The song on the mother, that he wrote, seems to have struck a chord with the listeners. Prasad has also written a romantic and peppy song in our film. It shows the range he is capable of delivering. Kaviraj has written a soulful song that matches the beautiful tune that Gurukiran has composed.

What made you choose Chiranjeevi Sarja for the role?

Chiranjeevi, Chiru for short, has shown a desire to experiment and reconstruct himself with every film. He is keen to learn, wants to rehearse his scenes a day before shoot and is eager to explore new ways of acting. For a nuanced and emotional journey like ‘Amma I Love You’, Chiru was a good choice. And he has proved it on screen.

And why the choice of actor Sithara for the mother’s character?

The mother in the film is a successful businesswoman, a strong and compassionate leader in her company and a sensitive and caring mother. She is intelligent, assured and elegant. Sithara brings all these elements into her acting while playing the role.

Is the film an ode to mothers?

Yes. It is our tribute to all mothers.

(Published 10 June 2018, 09:40 IST)

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