On food delivery apps, masala dosa is topseller

Bengaluru ordered more dosas than any other item in 2021. Chicken biryani came second
Last Updated 21 January 2022, 17:09 IST

While biryani was India’s most-ordered dish on food delivery apps across India in 2021, masala dosa ruled in Bengaluru.

Masala dosa and chicken biryani were the two most ordered dishes in Bengaluru last year, according to a Zomato spokesperson. “We delivered more than 12 lakh masala dosas and eight lakh chicken biryanis,” he told Metrolife.

The city not only topped the country in ordering dosas, but also in ordering dosa batter, according to Swiggy.

Bengaluru also emerged the most health-conscious city followed by Hyderabad and Mumbai.

“Mondays and Thursdays are when people eat the healthiest and there was a notable surge in keto orders and vegan and plant-based orders on those days,” a Swiggy spokesperson says.

Changing list

Things changed in a big way for delivery apps in 2020, diverting their attention to pandemic necessities. “While masks and sanitisers are still added to carts in 2021, all-time favourites like samosa and grocery staples like bananas reminded us that things are still somewhat normal,” he says.

Food sent for loved ones, pet food, books, baking supplies and X-ray reports were some of the things people requested Swiggy Genie to deliver.

In 2021, Dunzo Daily witnessed a 50-60% increase in demand for snacks, biscuits, beverages and ready-to-eat products.

“There is again a huge demand for products across categories fuelled by movement restrictions,” says a Dunzo spokesperson.

Fruits, vegetables, milk and meat have seen an uptick and consumers will continue to order perishables at a higher frequency, he says.

Long haul

A Swiggy Genie travelled 55.5 km to deliver a food package in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru’s Top 5

Masala dosa

Chicken biryani

Paneer butter masala

Ghee rice

Gobi manchurian

(Information gathered from food delivery apps)

(Published 21 January 2022, 17:02 IST)

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