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Kiran Hebbale


Kiran Hebbale, is a programme producer with 92.7 Big FM. He has also worked as a radio jockey in two other radio stations before he decided to turn a filmmaker. His YouTube series, called ‘Balkani Hero’, has featured some unsung heroes. Kiran is working towards conceptualising and presenting a new chat. He has acted in the film ‘Mahatma’ and presented the movie ‘A mama.’



“I have visited several countries but I never get bored of returning to Kashi. It’s such a serene city. It is also one of those places where I am able to connect with myself. It gives me enough time for introspection and transports me to a different space. I enjoy exploring lesser-known places and I never miss a chance to interact with the people living in that region.”


Shavige Bath

“I am a vegetarian. I enjoy anything South Indian, especially Shavige Bath and Puliyogare. My parents are good cooks. I enjoy anything that is made at home. I eat out too but I am choosy about what I eat.”


Sudha Murthy

“There are no specific authors who I follow but I’ve enjoyed reading Sudha Murthy, Jayant Kaikini and Kuvempu. Biographies are my favourite; I can never get enough of reading an ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. It is a brilliant piece of work. I maintain a library at home where I have the choicest of books belonging to different subjects. Biographies outnumber the rest.”


Anant Nag

“I have watched almost all the films of Anant Nag. I like the way he handles a particular role and the way he can infuse life into any dull character.
I also admire the commitment and dedication of actors Ramesh Aravind and Prema. Since I am a filmmaker, I watch a lot of Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood movies. I have watched all the films of Telugu actor Prabhas, the life and work of actor Aamir Khan is worth emulating and Tamil actor Surya is by far the best among the actors of his generation.”


KJ Yesudas

“I can listen to K J Yesudas anytime, anywhere. His voice has a soothing tone and there’s a lot of emotion in every song that he renders. I also enjoy listening to songs sung by Sonu Nigam. He has sung some of the best songs in Kannada. When it comes to instrumentalists, I don’t think anybody matches the work of violinist Narayan Sharma. Classical music is another of my favourite genres.”


“I have a long list of people who have inspired me. Tamil actor Lakshmi and her approach to life taught me how to look at the most complicated things in a simple and beautiful way. These are people who I have either met or interacted with at some point in my life. During my days with radio, RJ Rashmi and Pradeepa were instrumental in introducing me to the world of digital media. RJ Shruthi, Divyashree and Rohit were the ones who prepared me for the next level. My parents and teachers too have influenced the way I approach work.”

(Published 20 December 2019, 08:01 IST)

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