On My Pinboard: Suraj Mani

Last Updated 10 October 2019, 13:26 IST

Suraj Mani is a rock musician based in Bengaluru. He was the frontman of the Indian band ‘Motherjane’, and now leads the ‘Suraj Mani-The Tattva Trip’, which attempts to
break barriers between rock and poetry.

A singer-songwriter, composer and lyricist, Suraj has won many awards as a rock vocalist in India and Asia. Some of the awards include, the Best Singer/Songwriter at The Leon Ireland Award (2008-09), Best Singer at The Jack Daniels Rock Awards (2008-09) and the Best Rock Vocalist in Asia, Asia Pacific Voice Independent Music Awards (2010).

He has performed on stages alongside popular bands like Opeth, Megadeth and Mr Big, amongst others.


My father: K Mani

“My father is my biggest inspiration. He taught us how critical it is to adjust and adapt. He did so himself when I lost my mother as a young boy. I’ve never seen him complain all my life, and it is a matter of pride to have a parent who sets a great example.”



“I have travelled extensively both in India and abroad. My favourite destination is Goa. The moment I land in Goa, I feel that everybody is relaxed and chilled. The sea food in the shacks are to die for. The relaxing massages on rickety chairs makes for the best beachside siestas. A holiday at Goa makes one question one’s routine existence.”


Freddie Mercury

“Apart from Freddie Mercury’s musical and vocal prowess, I love how fearless he was. He was a Parsi Indian who over the years, became one of Britain’s biggest-ever rockstars. He was gay, had AIDS, was unconventional and yet for most of his life, he didn’t flinch. He believed in himself and most of those who watched him, subconsciously believed that anything was possible.”


Anthony Hopkins

“My favourite actor is Anthony Hopkins, because of his sheer presence. I’ll watch any of his movies just for the way he speaks and the way he uses silence. The list of films I loved him in include The Edge, Legends of the fall, Silence of the lambs, Fracture and Amistad.”



“I describe myself as an ‘anytarian’, but my favourite cuisine is Chinese (Indian Chinese). I love items like noodles, mixed fried rice, Szechuan dishes, and dimsums. Pick any restaurant and they can’t go wrong. Another favourite Asian dish is nasi goreng and bao.”


The Three Laws of Performance

“I love to read books on philosophy, management, biographies and fiction mostly. One of my favourite books is ‘The three laws of performance’ by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan. It simply sums up so much of what I believe in. It’s a stunning piece of work.”

(Published 10 October 2019, 13:26 IST)

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