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Last Updated 18 April 2017, 19:11 IST

It didn’t take too long for Kannada director Apurva Kasaravalli and odissi dancer Vandana Supriya to decide that they had found the perfect life partner in each other.

Their three-year courtship culminated in their tying the knot recently. Every detail that went into it was planned by the couple themselves, who wanted a traditional yet simple wedding. Family, close friends and actors from the Sandalwood fraternity attended the ceremony.

Vandana and Apurva met each other through common friends and the two of them hit it off really well. But they say that they didn’t rush into the relationship but took time to know each other.

“Our relationship is built on complete faith and trust in each other. We have our individualities and are doing well in our chosen fields, and I think it is important to respect each other’s tastes and preferences,” says Apurva.

Ask him what he likes best about Vandana and he says, “She prods me to push the boundaries of creativity. Whenever I am ideating and going a little slow, Vandana has always been there to hasten the work. Sometimes, you need a sounding board and Vandana has always been there to motivate me to do things that I wouldn’t normally do.” Vandana, he says, is proactive when it comes to contributing to his work in a positive way. “She always encourages me to explore the unknown when it comes to work,” he adds.   

The couple have a lot of common interests, be it literature, art or culture. The two also enjoy exploring new places and don’t miss an opportunity to pack their bags and travel.

Vandana says that she admires Apurva for the way he respects women. “I am an independent woman and I really liked the way he respected my abilities and individuality. This is what drew me closer to him and it didn’t take me too long to make up my mind,” shares Vandana, who is busy with her performances and teaching at her dance school ‘Anandi School of Dance’ in Dollars Colony.

So does she intend to act? “I’ve never thought about acting on a serious note, but if there’s a good script related to art and dance, then I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at it,” she says.

(Published 18 April 2017, 16:24 IST)

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