Radhika Pandit to celebrate birthday with daughter

Last Updated 06 March 2019, 14:22 IST

Actor Radhika Pandit is turning a year older today. This birthday is a special one for her and Yash as their little baby is turning three months in the first week of March.
This year, Radhika has decided to celebrate her birthday in Goa, her mother’s hometown. Radhika says that she has spent most of her vacations in her grandmother’s house.
In a chat with Metrolife, the actor talks about motherhood, how life has changed after the baby and more.

How has your life changed after the baby’s arrival?

Now it is all about the baby. Gone are the day’s when I used to sleep and wake up at my time. Now, I don’t remember when I last slept through the night after our little one was born on December 2. But having said that, I must confess that I am enjoying every moment of being a mother. I would like to think that I am a good mom.

What’s the feeling of motherhood like?

You begin to respect your mother more after you have after becoming one yourself. Earlier, when I was shooting for a film, I used to pack up by 6 pm and get back home only to spend time by myself. Now there are no timings. But thanks to my mother, I get some ‘me’ time. That’s when I do what I like doing the most - baking and reading.

Do you have any pet names for your daughter?

Yash calls her Rasagulla and I call her Gomman (in Konkani it means precious or adorable).

Does Yash also help with the baby?

I ask Yash to change her diapers or sing her to sleep. I keep mocking him by saying that success is not when your movie does well but when you can put your daughter to sleep. But he is yet to find success in that field (laughs). There was one incident when I had to go away for 15 minutes and I had asked Yash to look after the baby. I had barely gone away for 10 minutes and I heard her crying, Yash singing to her and reciting dialogues. Nothing seemed to calm her down. He then agreed that it is not easy to calm babies.

Does Yash dote on the baby just as he does on you?

Yash is a great father. He is already protective of her and comes home just to spend time with her. And she smiles the most when he is around. While Yash is good at making her smile, I am good at calming her down.

What are the tricks you try out to make her sleep?

She goes to sleep quite fast when my father sings Bhimsen Joshi’s bhajans. He used to sing them to me when I was a baby and he does the same for our little one.

What are the changes you see in yourself after the baby’s arrival?

I am more patient now. I am someone who loves to sleep. Before motherhood, I would go without food but I wouldn’t forego my sleep but now I am happily awake most of the time and barely sleep.

When will you return to acting?

I haven’t given it a thought yet. The last film that I shot for titled ‘Aadi Lakshmi Purana’ is slated to release soon.

(Published 06 March 2019, 13:34 IST)

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