Research scholars demand 80% increase in fellowship

Last Updated 11 December 2018, 20:15 IST

The research scholars of the International Centre for Theoretical Sciences, TIFR, Bangalore, who are protesting against the discrimination in the allocation of funds for PhD and postdoctoral scholars, have demanded an 80% hike on the current fellowship.

The students who are protesting have appealed to the Department of Atomic Energy, HRD ministry, principal scientific advisors for initiation, increment and regularisation of fellowship for all research scholars.

“During the last few years, public spending in higher education and in particular research in basic sciences and humanities have gradually declined, which is adversely resulting in high drop-out rates and increasing brain drain. This also affects India’s research ecosystem as well as scientific technologies,” students expressed their concerns by adding that 70% of the scholars in the country are severely discriminated, and the majority of them are not having a fellowship at all.

In the letter, the research scholars have also explained the current pay scales at different government institutes and R&Ds. “The existing fellowships were last revised in October 2014 on a promise of periodic revisions every three to four years. As of date, neither the fellowship have been revised nor has been any such announcements made,” the letter added.

By highlighting the loopholes, the research scholars have raised few demands, which mainly urges to fix the various problems arising while awarding the fellowship.

All scholars must be entitled to dignified fellowship without any discrimination, which will be disbursed on a regular monthly basis, and to be revised on a yearly

The disparity of postdoctoral fellowship across institution must be eliminated and 80% increase in the amount, which is been currently awarded, fee reduction in different research institutes and universities, and provide adequate infrastructure and funding for research in humanities and basic science.

(Published 11 December 2018, 18:39 IST)

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