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Last Updated 27 June 2014, 14:36 IST

Malleswaram holds the key to many interesting stories. One such story is that of Mukambika Sweets and Khara Centre, located on 4th Cross in Malleswaram, which was started in 1984. 

It is run by MR Venkatesh, who dishes out delicious, crispy chilli bhajjis, masala vadas, pakodas, an assortment of murukus etc. 

The place is also famous for its masala idlis, which are served only after 4 pm. While the eatery could be easily missed, one can’t miss the crowd in front of the eatery throughout the day. 

People come from Jayanagar and JP Nagar and wait for the eatery to open so that they can munch on the savouries. Venkatesh needs no publicity as his sweets and savouries do the talking. 

Venkatesh explains that he took over the reins of running the eatery from his father when he was in college and now, his two sons who are studying assist him when they have time. 

“We make chilli bhajjis, masala vadas and many sweets but it’s not the same as the ones you would find elsewhere. The taste is one-of-a-kind and we add a lot of digestive elements to the fried foods. This is done to make sure it doesn’t leave people feeling uneasy,” he explains. 

Ask him why he didn’t venture into running a full-fledged hotel? “We started off as a small place and we want to retain that identity. Starting a bigger venture would mean more work. I am content with this small space,” he adds. The ingredients are all prepared in the morning and before noon, they start making the dishes. 

Commenting about the oil, Venkatesh says that the oil is never reused. “At the end of the day, we fill the oil-laden tava with avalakki because it soaks all the oil and then the oil is discarded. The next day, we make sure we use fresh oil. It is a loss for us but I am ready to bear that loss. I don’t want to do anything that will leave people feeling uncomfortable,” he states.

The pricing is extremely reasonable and is not only filling but works well on the pocket for an evening snack. 

The regulars who come here say that they never leave without eating one and parcelling another. 

“It’s rich and the quantity is good, it really fills you. It tastes quite like what is made at home. We intend to come back for more,” say Latha and Jalajakshi, customers. 

Krishna Urs, the marketing head of a company, says, “I come here quite often and sometimes take some home as well. It’s served hot and it’s quite different from what you get in other places. More than anything, it’s value for money.” The eatery is located at No 201, 4th Cross, Malleswaram. For details, call 9482681449.  

(Published 27 June 2014, 14:36 IST)

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