Screenplay of Bell Bottom took six months: Director

Directors Rishab Shetty, Yograj Bhat, Shivamani, P D Satish and Sujay Shastry, will be seen in the film.
Last Updated 15 February 2019, 13:16 IST

Bell Bottom, a Kannada film set in the 80s, hit the screens on yesterday. The film which elements like humour and thriller aims to entertain the audience to the core.
Director of the film, Jayathirtha, known for ‘Bullet Basya’ and ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’, sheds light on how the film shaped up and the journey so far.


Bell Bottom is your sixth film. How different is this project?

I have always tried to keep it different. I love exploring unique elements in each one of my projects.

For example, ‘Olave Mandara’ was a classic love story, ‘Tony’ a philosophical thriller, ‘Bullet Basya’ was a comedy film, ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’ was about an emotional journey and
‘Vanilla’ was a murder-mystery and finally, ‘Bell Bottom’ is a comedy thriller.

Tell us a little more about the film.

The film narrates the story and incidents around Detective Divakar. There’s a case which Divakar is trying to solve, which he doesn’t get clues to. Just when he feels that he won’t be able to carry on, he gets some evidence which helps him. The film is presented in a humorous narrative.

How did the film happen?

P K Dayananda narrated a few lines, and I asked him to develop on it. We worked on the screenplay for almost six months as it is one of the most important parts of a film. We cast Rishab Shetty for the film as his ‘Dubsmash’ videos caught our attention. We needed someone who could handle something serious in a humorous manner, and he just fit the bill.

You have worked with Harripriya in ‘Bullet Basya’...

We share a close bond. She worked with Rishab in ‘Ricky’. It is much easier to work with a cast who already share a good bond, and we gelled quite well. ‘Bell Bottom’ turned out to be a fun project.

What are the highlights of the film?

Apart from the style, the film is made in a retro backdrop, the film also has many directors acting in it. While Rishab Shetty plays the lead, Yograj Bhat sir, Shivamani sir, P D Satish and Sujay Shastry, are also acting in the film.

Was it difficult to direct directors?

Rishab switched off his director mode the moment he came on my sets. In fact, I have to often push him to know about his opinion on scenes.

You were into theatre earlier. Is it any different to direct films?

I’m a storyteller. All mediums have their own shortcomings and greatness. In films, to explain a scene, just the camera needs to be panned from left to right. Writing a scene down requires more details. Emotions are expressed differently in every platform.

(Published 15 February 2019, 12:39 IST)

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