Sexual harassment cases in 2017: Bengaluru in top-five

Last Updated 22 October 2019, 11:54 IST

Over 2,100 cases of sexual harassment were reported from 19 metro cities with over 20 lakh population in 2017 with Bengaluru sharing the ignominy with smaller cities like Kanpur and Pune to be in the top-five.

Of this, 96 cases were reported from workplaces and here too, Bengaluru shares space in the top-five.

The metro cities have reported 2,137 cases of sexual harassment in which 2,163 women were victims. Delhi had the highest number of cases and victims at 613 followed by Mumbai (391 victims in 378 cases).

Kanpur recorded 162 victims in as many cases while Pune had 140 cases and victims. Bengaluru came fifth with 135 victims in as many cases.

Four -- Coimbatore, Lucknow, Patna and Surat -- of the 19 metro cities had a glorious record as these places did not have a single sexual harassment case in 2017.

On sexual harassment at the workplace, Bengaluru was placed fifth with seven cases while Delhi topped the list of ignominy with 25 cases followed by Hyderabad with 24 cases, Pune (14) and Mumbai (12).

If one takes the scenario at national level, there were 21,512 victims in 20,948 cases. There were 485 victims of sexual harassment at the workplace in 479 cases during 2017.

Karnataka had 809 victims in 768 cases.

Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of cases at 5,830 (6,151 victims) followed by Madhya Pradesh 2,956 (2,985 victims) and Maharashtra (2910 cases and 2,942 victims).

When it comes to sexual harassment at work place, Telangana had 117 cases in which there were 123 victims followed by Madhya Pradesh (82), Kerala (53) and Haryana (50). Karnataka had 17 victims in 17 cases.

(Published 22 October 2019, 11:16 IST)

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