Toll hike at Electronics City, Attibele from July 1

Last Updated 24 June 2019, 20:24 IST

The toll at Electronics City and Attibele has been hiked by Rs 5 to Rs 10 depending on the category of vehicle. Monthly pass charges have gone up by Rs 20 to Rs 245. The new rates will come into effect from July 1.

In a public notice, Bangalore Elevated Tollway Pvt Limited said the toll rates were revised as per the Wholesale Price Index.

At Electronics City, two-wheelers are spared from the hike on single and return journeys but have to pay Rs 580 for the monthly passes up from Rs 560. All vehicles, except bikers, will pay Rs 5 more for a single trip. The hike of Rs 10 for return journeys applies only to trucks and heavy construction machinery vehicles (MAV).

Monthly pass rates have been hiked by Rs 20 for bikes, Rs 40 for cars, Rs 60 for light commercial vehicles (LCV) and Rs 120 for trucks and buses. Larger machinery will pay an additional Rs 245 for the same.

At Attibele toll plaza, the single journey has been hiked by Rs 5 for LCVs and Rs 10 for MAV. Cars and buses will pay Rs 5 more for return journeys. The hike for monthly pass ranges between Rs 30 for bikes to Rs 185 for MAV.

Employees travelling to IT companies in the southern hub of the city, especially those who buy monthly passes, will feel the pinch.

“Thousands of persons work in the service sector jobs in Electronics City and the higher toll will have a negative impact on their livelihood. The same applies to many junior employees as not all engineers earn huge amounts in these companies,” member of an association in the company said.

The hike for buses at the two tolls will lead to an increase in buse fares, including those operated by the KSRTC. A senior KSRTC official said the ticket to Hosur and beyond may be hiked by Rs 2 to 3. “Majority of the buses on the route are operated by private players. We have about 10 services only. So, the impact is minimal,” the official added.

(Published 24 June 2019, 20:20 IST)

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