For V-Day, dating tips from Bhuvann

Actor and Instagram sensation shares tips on how to swing the day of love in your favour.
Last Updated 13 February 2019, 14:11 IST

Bhuvann Ponanna, debuting as hero with the action-thriller Randhawa, visited Deccan Herald on Wednesday and volunteered some dating advice for Valentine’s Day. Here goes:

- Always be confident. Look into your date’s eyes when you speak.

- Don’t brag. Speak about something the date is interested in.

- Always know what to say and what not to say. Conversations can get ugly on a first date.

- This is for the boys: Almost all girls notice shoes. Wear decent shoes.

- Always look presentable. Shower, comb your hair, and mind your manners.

- Use a mild deodorant; heavy deodorants might give your date a headache.

- Use a mouth freshener. It adds to your confidence.

- Never forget to give compliments (even if the looks are average).

Maghadheera team

An attraction of the film is that the technical crew included those involved in the making of the Telugu blockbuster ‘Magadheera.’

He juggled schedules

Randhawa in Haryanvi means a fighter in the forefront. It is now the name of an action thriller in Kannada. Shot in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chikmagalur, Rajasthan and other places. The film took one and a half years to make, and is now almost ready for release. Bhuvann had to juggle many commitments in Tamil to give his all to this film.
“I’d rather be in one memorable film than in 10 indifferent ones,” he says.

96k fans on Instagram

Bhuvann, with 96,000-plus fans on Instagram, turned down 11 films so that he could do Randhawa. His character has three shades and three looks, and he says he worked on all three intensely.
“I locked myself up in my house and focused on the character. It was indeed an experience,” he says.
For all the female adulation, Bhuvann says his parents are the only Valentines in his life. For Valentine’s Day, he has been receiving messages on social media from girls slashing their wrists and getting his name tattooed on their hands. “They should understand the difference between love and lust. I think films indirectly contribute to bringing out negative thoughts in young boys and girls,” he says, philosophically.


Poulami’s dad scared off boys

Poulami is active on the modelling and pageant scene in Kolkata. Randhawa is her first feature film, and the shooting experience, she says, has helped her learn a lot.
“If I am able to understand Kannada now, Bhuvann and Sunil are the reason,” she says. Poulami has had many Valentines in her school days. “But my dad was in the army and hence everything was sorted,” she says, laughing.

Sunil Acharya
Sunil Acharya

Director’s smooth love story

Sunil Acharya, debutant director, runs a business in Nelamangala, 27 km from Bengaluru. His personal experience inspired him to direct Randhawa.
“It was supposed to be a book, but circumstances turned it into a film,” he says. He watched 280 films back to back to understand the various aspects of film direction, and then plunge into it.
Randhawa features fresh faces and new technicians. Shashank Sheshagiri is debuting as a music composer. “There is a lot of talent here but it is not being used. The cast and crew are mostly Kannadigas, as our aim was to encourage talent here,” he says.
His own real-life love story had no dramatic twists and turns. “It was simple with no complications at all. In fact, I was sad there were no challenges,” says Sunil.
A huge fan of Ravichandran’s style and Hamsalekha’s melodies, he says the song ‘Bangaradinda bannana tanda’ from film ‘Preethsod Thappa?’ is his favourite.

(Published 13 February 2019, 13:57 IST)

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