Water now an exotic drink at 599 a bottle

The well-heeled are ditching regular bottled water for fancy versions with gold and charcoal. Today is World Water Day
Last Updated 22 March 2019, 08:44 IST

Ordering a bottle of water when you dine out has become a common practice. Drinking from a tap and opting for ‘regular water’ at restaurants is not something everyone does anymore. But how much are you willing to spend on a bottle of water?

At most grocery stores, a bottle does not cost more than Rs 30; a bit more if you are brand specific. But fancier versions of bottled water are appearing on the shelves.

On World Water Day, we explored choices in the market, and found gold, flavoured, charcoal and alkaline water. These are claimed to have big health benefits over ordinary water.

Gold water is available at Foodhall on MG Road. The company that makes it, Malaki, claims the water is known for its anti-ageing properties, strengthens the nervous system, is good for asthma, and increases stamina, improves memory and intelligence.

Swasti Aggarwal, food strategist at Foodhall, says injecting metals into edible items is not a new trend. “Metals have long been a big component in treatment and healing therapies in Ayurveda. Intake of gold is supposed to have anti-ageing properties, a reason why it is not an uncommon addition to our food.” A bottle of gold water is priced at Rs 599 for 375 ml.

Costing slightly less is Black Magic at Fresh Pressery. Made with activated charcoal, lime, alkaline water and honey, it is priced at Rs 150 for 250 ml.

Rishaad Vazirally, CEO and founder of the brand, says, “We manufactured it ourselves in a USFDA approved plant using organic coconut husk. It’s a hot seller during summer.”

Rishaad explains that the activated charcoal made out of coconut husk is processed so it becomes ultra-absorbent and safe to consume. It contains a number of tiny sponge-like pores that suck in the toxins in our digestive tract. He adds that from teenagers to the elderly, many people go in for Black Magic regularly.

“It’s helps with hangovers and upset stomach and to combat with the heat,” he adds. As the charcoal does not have any flavour, you’ll feel like you’re having lemonade,” he says.

Flavoured water or vitamin water is also promoted as one of the best ways to increase your liquid intake. What sets it apart is that it can be made at home, that too easily.

All you have to do is add the required ingredients (like cucumber or strawberry or mint) to a jar of water and leave it overnight.

Health coach Mariam Begg switched to flavoured water three years ago.

“It’s a zero wastage system and has a ton of benefits. The water tastes better too. All I have to do is soak the fruits and skin overnight, filter it the next morning and have it throughout the day. If I’m in the mood, I add chia seeds to it or use the water for the juice that I make,” she says.

Alkaline water is also a big trend across the globe now.

Alkaline helps maintain pH balance of your system and is considered safe to consume, its
champions say.

Bottled water

  • Malaki Gold 24k- Rs 599 /375 L
  • Black Magic- Rs 150/250 ml
  • Himalayan- Rs 69/1 L
  • Qua- Rs 60/200 ml
  • Bisleri- Rs 20/1 L
(Published 21 March 2019, 13:08 IST)

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