Ways to ring out 2019 with family

The holiday season is coming to an end but there is still time for some fun-filled activities with your friends and family. Metrolife picks a few
Last Updated 27 December 2019, 12:31 IST


Baking together with your family and friends is a fun way of bringing them closer and creating some memorable experiences. You can bake desserts, cakes and pies which will not only teach kids to become self-sufficient in the kitchen but also to value teamwork.

Organise a Potluck

You can ask your friends to bring food from their home if you decide to throw a party. This will not only serve as an opportunity to taste diverse cuisines but also to see different cooking styles. This activity teaches children to be inclusive and appreciate diversity.

Organise games and picnic

Not all activities need to take place inside the house. You could organise a sports match like cricket or some less strenuous games like hide and seek for children and adults alike. This can be followed by a brunch in a park. This would encourage children to
appreciate nature as well as stay
physically fit.


You can go camping with your friends and family. Camping allows for fun-filled activities such and you can also light a bonfire (do check permissions for such activities) where you can tell stories to each other particularly horror stories!

Hold an arts and craft session

What better way to express your love for each other than to give handcrafted greeting cards to one another. You can get your friends and family to make greeting cards for one another for the New Year.

This one comes with a catch - The cards will not be addressed to anybody in particular and when the New Year Day arrives, you are expected to pick one up.

This is a great way to offer messages of hope and encouragement for an
unknown person and makes for a fun-filled activity that teaches us to be kind to one another.

(Published 27 December 2019, 12:07 IST)

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