Women’s organisation launches projects to help war widows, needy

It also shares success stories of people engaged in social work
Last Updated 17 August 2021, 07:06 IST

Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karnataka Defence Personnel Council (WICCIKDPC), an all-women voluntary organisation, will extend help to women in Karnataka.

The group’s projects are categorised under three heads: Project Sahay, a drive to help war widows, families of members in the forces, retired and serving soldiers, and war veterans, and those who render service during times of natural and man-made disasters; Project Aspire, which aims to educate and spread awareness when one is inclined to join the armed forces or learn about them and their services towards the nation, and Project Inspire, which brings together people who have done social work and share their success stories.

The organisation recently held Project Milaap, a meeting which kickstarted Project Inspire. The first event was attended by more than 50 women. Major Aditi Mohan, a retired Indian Army officer and the Karnataka state president, says, “On November 21, a webinar with the topic, ‘Gift of Life’, will be held. Efforts under the project will be ongoing.”

She along with Bia Sandhu Taneja, state vice president, spearhead these projects.

The group comprises 32 women who are homemakers, entrepreneurs, wives of officers and martyred officers and single mothers. It is supported by Harbeen
Arora, chairperson of All Ladies League (ALL) and Women Economic Forum (WEF).

Major Aditi says, “We work with a common vision of women empowerment and sisterhood and with a mission to create awareness with the help of community engagement by partnering with government and defence officials and carry out projects that work towards helping, aspiring and inspiring people.”

Under Project Sahay, clothes and support have been given to the needy and in slum areas recently.

“The project’s primary focus is on helping war widows, with their entitlements and benefits, and addressing issues they face,” she says.

For this, the group will work towards creating a database of families and extend assistance for Pension claim, liaise with the authorities to get their entitlements, help dependents with educational scholarships and guidance, empower them with vocational skills and even entrepreneurial skills and connect them to AWWA and AFWA. “We will try to facilitate counselling as well,” she concludes.

For details, email majoraditie@gmail.com or WICCIKDPC@gmail.com, or call 70222 99460

(Published 13 November 2020, 19:41 IST)

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