Congress urges Centre to impose President's rule in Karnataka

Last Updated 21 October 2010, 15:05 IST

The B S Yeddyurappa-led BJP government should be dismissed for indulging in "horse trading", Congress leader in the assembly Siddaramaiah told reporters here.
"The acts of the Yeddyurappa government are illegal and unconstitutional," Siddaramaiah said.

BJP's renewed "operation lotus" (to lure MLAs from other parties) has led to M C Ashwath of JDS, S V Ramachandra and M Narayanaswamy (both Congress) resigning in the past few days.

"Speaker K G Bopaiah has not been verifying whether the MLAs were resigning on their own volition or under pressure while accepting their resignation letters," he said.
About 40 MLAs had been approached by the BJP, he claimed.

"We urge the government of India to take cognizance of all the things happening in Karnataka and to impose Article 356 as the government has no right to continue after it failed to act as per the provisions of the constitution," he said.

KPCC president R V Deshpande said it was illegal to lure MLAs when the fate of the October 14 vote of confidence was still pending before the court. He said plans to expand the cabinet was also unconstitutional when the issue of whether the BJP government enjoyed the support of the majority was still being decided.

He also alleged that the Speaker's post has been misused by the chief minister to disqualify the 16 MLAs and Bopaiah was acting as the "agent" of Yeddyurappa government.

The KPCC also announced the expulsion of Ramachandra and Narayanaswamy from the party.

(Published 21 October 2010, 15:05 IST)

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