‘Do not neglect symptoms of chest pain’

Last Updated 26 October 2019, 18:07 IST

If a person is experiencing severe chest pain (angina pain) while walking, a burning sensation, pain extending to the left hand, and sweating profusely, then instead of looking for some cure at home, one should consult a doctor and then avail first aid at the hospital, informed Dr Padmanabh Kamath, HoD and professor of Cardiology at KMC, Mangaluru.

Many consider these symptoms as gastric and neglect the pain, he said while participating at the phone-in programme organised by Prajavani at DH-PV editorial office in Balmatta on Saturday.

He was responding to a query posed on the symptoms of cardiac arrest by Hamid of Vittal, Abdul Khader of Battakodi and Prakash of Subrahmanya.

He appealed to the public not to be misled by messages posted on social media.

“Without wasting time, the patient should be rushed to the nearest hospital,” he stressed.

When Malini Kamath from Naravi sought information on the best cooking oil for health, Dr Kamath said that olive oil is heart-friendly. Use of coconut oil in small measures is also not harmful.

Virgin coconut oil and rice bran oil is also not harmful. However, one needs to avoid palm oil, vanaspati and butter. People should avoid eating red meat, organ meat, lobster and prawn, he said.


Children normally get heart-related ailments due to heredity. The consumption of teratogenic drugs by pregnant women may cause congenital disease in children, Dr Kamath said while replying to a query by Bhuvanesh of Hirebettu.

“The symptoms of heart-related ailment can be known in the womb itself. There were heart-related issues in the past. With the advances in technology and equipment, more cases are identified at an early stage,” he added.

To a query by Vinod Bangera from Pajeer on a healthy lifestyle, Dr Kamath said brisk walk for 40 to 45 minutes for five days a week is the best exercise one can have. By controlling hypertension, diabetes, avoiding addiction, one can lead a healthy life. Many youth are addicted to gutka, without knowing its side-effects.

To a query on palpitation, he said there are physiological and pathological reasons for it. A patient with such symptom should consult a doctor, he advised.

When Prakash from Sarapadi sought to know precautionary measures to be taken after implanting a stent, Dr Kamath said the medicine prescribed by the doctor should not be stopped.

There are no restrictions for any activities including driving after having a stent, he added.

(Published 26 October 2019, 17:07 IST)

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