Farmer finds Sugandharaja flowers lucrative

Last Updated 24 December 2018, 17:41 IST

A farmer has achieved success by cultivating Sugandharaja flowers on his farmland at Kallapura in Ajjampura.

Madhu has been cultivating Sugandharaja on 10 gunte of land and harvests 10 to 12 kg of flowers daily.

The flowers fetch Rs 60 per kg in the market. On an average, he fetches a minimum of Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,600 per month.

"We own 3.5 acres of coconut plantation. I tried cultivating Sugandharaja a year ago. Within four months of planting, the plants started bearing flowers," said Madhu.

"We pluck the flowers for an hour. The flowers are sold in markets in Ajjampura. There is stability in the price for Sugandharaja flowers in the market. I am planning to expand the area under cultivation of Sugandharaja flowers by 20 gunte by February," he said.

Maintenance of the plants is easy. After planting and applying manure, one needs to water it once in a week. It takes one hour to pluck flowers daily. Without anyone's help, one can manage the show here. Those who own farmland and have water facilities can take up the cultivation without any problem.

Sugandharaja flowers are always in demand. As a result, there is a good demand for it, said Madhu.

He said, "The farmers should not go for only tradition system of farming and cultivating single crop alone. Farmers should experiment on their farmland."

(Published 24 December 2018, 17:20 IST)

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