Festival to promote veganism in Byndoor on August 11

Last Updated 18 June 2019, 18:34 IST

For all those who promote veganism, Satvik Vegan Society (formerly Indian Vegan Society), will organise the 17th edition of Satvik Vegan Festival at Sthitaprajna at Yeljit village in Byndoor on August 11.

Shankar Narayan, founder of SVS, which is a member of International Vegetarian Union (IVU) and Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), told DH, “The festival is organised with an aim to allow vegans to enjoy a good time with the like-minded and to take the vegan message to political, religious and business leaders and the general public.”

He said that the highlight of this year is a talk by Shailender from Hyderabad on the natural way of life. “The talk will highlight on chemical free living. It will also cover the right way to cook with grains, millets and vegetables. The festival will also feature cookery demo, feast, music and so on.”

Founded by Shankar Narayan in 2004, SVS is a registered public charitable trust.

“It is an attempt to give voice and identity for vegans. The festival is an opportunity for vegans to meet and learn from one another. The event also draws many non-vegans who are interested in knowing about veganism. On average, 100 to 200 people attend the festival every year. This year, the participants from Singapore and Sweden to have confirmed their participation,” he said.

Earlier, the vegan festivals were attended by more foreigners. Now, several Indians have turned towards veganism. Last year, vegans from 15 states had participated.

The 16th festival was held for two days in August and featured yoga sessions, meditation, speeches, and nature walks, as well as visits to Hadin Eco Park and Byndoor beach last year. Only vegan food will be served during the festival. Most vegans love to be in nature. The festival will be held at Sthitaprajna a private forest, grown on vegan principles on a plot of about three acres of land near the hills, along a stream about 12 kilometres away from Byndoor.

Those who come from outside for the festival will have to register before July 31 and there is no advance registration for locals who wish to attend the vegan festival, he added.

The SVS is likely to organise the 5th international vegan festival next year.

International Vegan Festivals are a series of vegan festivals started in Denmark in 1981 by Kirsten Jungsberg.

It has travelled to all over the world and will come back to India again in 2020.

(Published 18 June 2019, 17:55 IST)

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