Hundreds of fish found dead in rivulet

Last Updated 24 June 2019, 19:02 IST

Following the death of scores of fish in Kamini rivulet at Hejamadi Muttalive area, officials on Monday visited the spot and collected samples.

The officials from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute visited the spot and collected the samples of fish and water at the estuary where the water from river enters the sea.

The officials also collected water samples from Ermal Kalsanka area, coal stockyard in UPCL, Ermal pumping station and also from defunuct wells in the surrounding areas.

People alleged that water coming from the coal stockyard in UPCL had turned the water in the rivulet black.

District Environment Officer Lakshmikanth said that the collected samples will be sent to NITK, Surathkal for testing.

After getting the report, suitable action will be initiated, he said.

“The samples will be analysed for various metal contents and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) level in the water. It may take at least five to six days to get the report,” he said.

Fisheries department Deputy Director Parshwanath said, “The problem has been understood. The officials have visited and collected samples to ascertain the cause of death of fishes.”

Hejamadi Gram Panchayat Vice President Sudkahar Karkera said, “The construction of a bridge at Muttalive at a cost of Rs 80 lakh, had blocked the flow of water from Kamini rivulet on one side of the bridge. As a result, the fishes might have died due to lack of oxygen.”

Karkera said, “As sand had accumulated in the estuary of the Kamini River, the panchayat cleared the river path allowing the water to flow to the Arabian sea. However, this year, water is contaminated.”

Fishermen were carrying out fishing in the rivulet till recently. The death of fish had created tension among the residents.

As the video of fish death has gone viral on social media, a large number of people have started to visit the Hejamadi Muttalive area.

(Published 24 June 2019, 17:38 IST)

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