I feel ashamed to be a politician, says Prasad

Last Updated 19 January 2019, 11:35 IST

BJP state vice president and former minister V Srinivas Prasad said, the recent political developments in the state was a disgrace and he’s ashamed to be identified as a politician.

Speaking to media persons here on Friday, he said, even his own party, the BJP, should function as a constructive opposition party, instead of involving in all kinds of politicking and aping the other parties.

“With a political experience of 45 years, I am just watching the developments as a mute spectator. Neither the political parties nor their leaders had stooped to such low levels, earlier.

The recent developments are a shame and a blow on democracy. No party is discharging its duty properly,” he lamented.

“The people of Karnataka are disillusioned with the functioning style of the politicians. The voters are regretting their decision.

Karnataka politics had reputation for the civilised ways, across the nation. Earlier, Karnataka gave many statesmen to the country. But, the good old days are gone. No party is an exception now,” he said.

“The condition of the JD(S) is that of a donkey falling into a tiger pit. The JD(S)-Congress coalition government has failed to give good administration. There is no coordination between the JD(S) and the Congress leaders.

“They are all involved in dissidence against each other, in their urge for power,” he said.

To a question on whether the JD(S)-Congress government would stay afloat, Prasad said, one should ask Public Works Minister H D Revanna about it.

“Revanna is an expert in calculations and predicting the future. He will look into the ‘Panchanga’ and give his astrological predictions,” he said.

(Published 18 January 2019, 17:11 IST)

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