Karnataka proposes ban on government servants acting in films, TV programmes

The government has given 15 days time for people to submit their suggestions and objections in the draft gazette notification
Last Updated 30 October 2020, 11:02 IST

The Karnataka government has proposed a ban on government servants acting in films and television programmes.

In the draft Karnataka State Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 2020, which was published on Tuesday, the Karnataka government has laid down a set of dos and don'ts for government servants.

The government has given 15 days time for people to submit their suggestions and objections in the draft gazette notification.

Once it is finalised, it will come into force immediately.

There are many striking features of the draft rules.

One of the topics is related to "press, radio or television, participating in performing arts or mass media of any kind or publication of books, articles, etc."

"No government servant shall act in films and television serials or associate himself with any activity related thereto unless permitted by the competent authority in accordance with the instructions in this regard," says the draft rule.

It also bars a government servant from conducting or participating in the editing or management of any newspaper or periodical publication, own wholly or in part without prior permission from the competent authority.

The government servant should also not take part in the sponsored media programme including radio, television or in a media programme commissioned by government media, but produced by an outside agency.

Publishing any book or engaging themselves habitually in literary or artistic or scientific work of any kind except in the bonafide discharge of his/ her duties will also be prohibited once the draft rule is finalised and brought into effect.

However, occasionally publishing books on literature, drama, essays, poetry, short stories, novels or fiction without obtaining prior permission of any higher authority is allowed.

While publishing such literary works, "the officer shall not use his time and official position to influence the promotion of the sale of such articles or books as the case may be and that such publication shall not contain any objectionable matter and views criticising the policies of the government."

Regarding gifts, the draft rule says that no government servant should accept or permit any member of his family, or any other person acting on his behalf to accept any gift.

The expression gift will also include free transport, boarding, lodging or other service or any other pecuniary advantage when provided by any person other than a near relative or personal friend having no official dealing with the Government Servant.

The draft rule recommends the government servant to avoid lavish hospitality or frequent hospitality from any individual having official dealings

(Published 30 October 2020, 10:42 IST)

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