Meat market in Madikeri cries for attention

Last Updated : 23 February 2020, 17:23 IST

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The meat market in Madikeri is filthy, showing no concern for the safety of the citizens. The cracked walls, broken sheets, dust everywhere, nauseating smell, fear of the spread of disease and failure to dispose of the waste is what is seen when a customer visits the market.

The meat sellers fear for life as the building is in dilapidated condition. Even the customers are scared to purchase chicken, mutton and fish from the market. The CMC has failed to construct a full-fledged meat stalls/market in Madikeri.

There are 13 stalls in the market. With the lack of cleanliness, the entire area reeks of a nauseating smell. The stench drives away customers.

The meat sellers had recently staged a protest demanding basic facilities and the CMC officials had promised to provide facilities.

The waste from chicken and fish is not disposed of scientifically in the town. The CMC has not made any arrangement to collect the waste from the market, said meat sellers.

"We pay rent for the stalls. However, there is a lack of facilities. Concrete or asphalt is not laid in front of the stalls. As a result, dust settles on the meat," said sellers.

More than 10 stalls were damaged in the heavy rain that lashed the district for the last two years. The walls of a few stalls have developed cracks. The iron rods are rusted. The CMC officials should wake up before any untoward incident takes place, added the sellers.

The wastewater from the stalls enters a pit behind the market, which has turned entire area filthy. The wastewater is not processed as well. The neighbouring layouts fear a spread of disease as well.

Chicken meat seller M E Farooq said, "We repaired the stalls on our own and pay rent to the CMC."

He added, "There was no use of submitting a memorandum to CMC officials to repair the market. We will meet Deputy Commissioner Annies Kanmani Joy within a week and submit a memorandum to repair the market and provide us basic facilities."

The meat and fish from the market is supplied to resorts and homestays in and around Madikeri.

Published 23 February 2020, 17:12 IST

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