M'lore Diocese's 'Laudato Si' campaign

Last Updated 23 November 2018, 19:32 IST

Mangalore Bishop Dr Peter Paul Saldanha will launch a campaign, ‘Laudato Si’ (nature protection is my responsibility), to protect environment in all parishes, chapel, educational institutions, run by the diocese, and religious houses of men and women on November 25, according to a press release.

The campaign will be conducted as per Pope Francis’s appeal to the world through his encyclical “Laudato si” that we must work together to protect our common home the Earth.

Bishop Dr Peter Paul Saldanha has stated, “The climate is a common good, belonging to all and meant for all. A very solid scientific consensus indicates that we are presently witnessing a disturbing warming of the climatic system. Humanity is called to recognise the need for changes of lifestyle, production and consumption, in order to combat this warming.”

Unfortunately, humanity is witnessing natural calamities and environmental crisis due to the irresponsible use of the resources of the nature freely given to us by God. Many countries, states and cities in the world will have to face severe consequences of it, he has stated.

The campaign was symbolically inaugurated by the Bishop on his Episcopal Ordination by planting a coconut sapling at Rosario Cathedral on September 15. This campaign will be executed in three levels. The Bishop has formed Laudato Si Committee to oversee the campaign’s success.

At the first level, saplings disbursed by the bishop will be planted in each parish, chapel, religious house for men and women, educational institutions and other institutions on November 25 after the Sunday prayers.

As a part of the campaign, Mangaluru Diocese Vicar General Msgr Maxim Noronha will plant a sapling at Vorkady Parish in Kasargod district.

Mangalore Diocese Procurator and Public Relations Officer Fr Victor Vijay Lobo will plant a sapling in Kokkada Parish. In the second level, slogan writing competitions will be organised on the theme ‘Nature protection - My responsibility’.

Slogans can be written in Kannada, English, Konkani and Tulu languages. Best slogan in each language will be rewarded with a prize. The award winning slogans will be displayed in prominent places. The Final level is a pledge campaign. ‘

The pledge, ‘Nature Protection is My Responsibility’ will be taken by the individuals in parishes, chapels, religious houses of men and women, educational institutions and other institutions of the diocese to protect nature and the earth. Through the campaign, the Mangaluru Diocese aims to reach 2,00,000 people, who will commit themselves to take care of the nature. A lucky draw will be held on January 26, 2019 and the winner will be awarded with one-sovereign gold coin.

For details, contact Fr Richard D’Souza on 8105758235.

(Published 23 November 2018, 18:59 IST)

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