NRN opens heart to Kannadigas

Rich legacy showcased
Last Updated : 12 March 2011, 04:44 IST
Last Updated : 12 March 2011, 04:44 IST

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But deep in his heart, he has always been a Kannadiga.

The IT czar cited reasons for being multi-lingual saying: “ My schooling went on in Mysore and Kanpur and I have worked in places like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Paris.  For the same reason I know many languages. And being a multi-lingual helps me as a businessman. But at heart I am always a Kannadiga. Kannada is the language at home. I may be in any part of the world and any billionaire might be hosting me.

“But I feel comfortable with a cup of coffee in Bangalore. There is a lot of difference between comfort (nemmadi) and business (vyavahara).”

He attributed the glory of Karnataka to the reign of many dynasties over the ages. Several personalities have introduced socio-religious reforms in the State, he remarked.

He also stressed on the roles played by Sir M Visvesvaraya and literary luminaries like Kuvempu, Da Ra Bendre and others for the overall development of Karnataka and Kannada.

“Today, our land is not only famous for gold mines, sandalwood and silk but also drawing the attention of the world through modern technology. The State capital, Bangalore, is home to software industries. One need not wonder if the word ‘Bangalored’ is added to the English dictionary soon.”

Murthy also reminded that he is a son-in-law of the city. “North Karnataka is not a strange place to me,” he remarked. Belgaum has been the heart of Karnataka since ages. He described this region as a land rich in culture and tradition. Kannadigas who move out of the State are respected everywhere, he said but regretted that the poor people of the State suffer.

The development of Karnataka does not mean mushrooming of big cities and software companies. It happens only when the quality of life changes in villages.

“We all need to think in this regard. For example, our Infosys Foundation is trying to help schools, libraries, medical centres, community centres and art forms, which need  assistance,” he said.

In his presidential address, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa announced the setting up of a theme park to commemorate the important historical events in the State. This theme park will showcase various developments in the history of Karnataka, development of Kannada as a language, Kannada literature, culture, religious and educational, economic, social and political developments.

The WKC is aimed at bringing together all linguistic minorities in the State. This event will bind the people of Karnataka emotionally, Yeddyurappa said and predicted a bright future for the land and language.

Ash creates a flutter

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sprang a surprise at the World Kannada Conference on Friday when she began her speech in Kannada, reports DHNS from Belgaum.

Aishwarya enthralled the audience with her speech. She also thanked the chief minister and other organisers for inviting her. “I am happy to be here. I salute the people of Karnataka for giving me this opportunity to come here,” she said.

However, she switched to Hindi immediately.

Published 11 March 2011, 13:09 IST

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