School cites CCTV footage to claim rape didn't happen there

But a few blind spots having no cameras raise questions
Last Updated : 04 August 2015, 18:42 IST

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Authorities of the school in Indiranagar where a minor girl was raped on Tuesday denied that the incident had taken place on their premises and produced CCTV footage to support their stand. But, a casual look at the school premises reveals a few blind spots where cameras do not exist.

Heads of the primary and high school sections said that 25 CCTV cameras were installed in the school following the school safety guidelines issued by the police commissioner in 2014. “There are cameras in all the main areas, the corridors and classrooms. We also have floor supervisors,” said the primary section head.

When the Deccan Herald reporter visited the school, it was found that one of the main areas where CCTV cameras is not found is the front area near the main gate. However, Anil Kumar, school secretary, said: “The school has CCTV cameras installed everywhere. At the entrance of the school, in the classrooms, at the entrance of the toilets. There is no indication anywhere that the child was abused on the school premises. We have given all the footage to the police.”

There is a long, narrow passage near the main gate where too a CCTV camera has not been installed. This is the main area from where Gautham, who has been arrested by the police, functioned as the watchman. The block education officer (BEO) too has claimed that they did not find any incriminating evidence to link Gautham to the incident in the CCTV footage of nearly three hours.

Ramesh V, BEO, North Zone 3, who visited the school, said, “We examined the footage recorded between 8.50 am and 12 noon on Monday. These are the timings of the school. We looked at the footage from the moment the child was dropped at the school till she was picked up. From what we have seen, there is no indication of the incident happening in the school. However, we are awaiting police and medical reports. Only then will we get a clear picture.” By afternoon, Ramesh had compiled a report based on the preliminary facts. It would be forwarded to the Deputy Director of Public Instruction.

Published 04 August 2015, 18:42 IST

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