Septuagenarian seeks justice, restoration of dignity

Last Updated : 24 December 2021, 19:08 IST

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Human Rights Protection Foundation (HRPF) has set out to restore dignity to a Septuagenarian, thrown onto the streets by Karnataka Vikasa Grameena Bank (KVGB).

Girija or Girijakka (70), ekes out a living from money she gets by doing household work in Brahmavar. She is hard of hearing and her eyesight has been losing vision with each passing day. She is a widow and was the second wife of late Parameshwara Shettigar--an affluent businessman, who owned 40 handlooms and properties in Brahmavar.

Shettigar had married Girijakka about 45 years ago after the death of his first wife. As Girijakka had no children, she raised Shettigar’s five children from the first marriage as her own. Girijakka lived happily with comfort and dignity till her husband was alive.

Shettigar passed away in 2007 and his second son Raviraj came into the possession of land and house with help of a settlement deed.

Raviraj availed a loan from the Karnataka Vikasa Grameena Bank by mortgaging the residential property and ventured into business.

Girijakka came to know about the loan taken by Raviraj only after she had received notices from the bank.

When Raviraj failed to repay the loan, the bank took possession of the property in 2008 and threw Girijakka out of the house.

Girijakka filed a complaint with the Brahmavar police and the latter ended up endorsing the bank’s stand.

HRPF president Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag asserts that Raviraj had no right to alienate property in any way including mortgage, as Girijakka had a life interest in the house.

“As the bank manager had failed to get Girija’s consent for the mortgage of property, no one had any right to throw her from the house,” said
Dr Shanbhag.

“The first son of Late Shettigar, a doctor, took Girijakka to his house in Bengaluru. The doctor too passed away in June 2021 and his son Varun virtually abandoned Girijakka in Brahmavar. The third son of Late Shettigar, Lakshman and his wife Anasuya took care of Girijakka for some years before she was abandoned to her fate.

Girijakka is now an orphan and resides in a small rented room for over six months in Salikeri near Brahmavara.

Shanbhag says the Foundation is committed to ensuring that Girijakka gets justice.

Published 24 December 2021, 18:43 IST

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