Traffic violation: Police book 719 cases

Last Updated 24 April 2019, 18:48 IST

In a bid to act tough on violators of traffic rules, Mangaluru city police had carried out a special drive for one week and booked 719 cases of violation.

City Police Commissioner Sandeep Patil said that the special drive was carried out in four traffic police stations from April 15 to 21.

“Cases were booked for violating zebra crossing, using shrill horn, on lorries transporting sand, mud or gravel without tarpaulin, tinting vehicles, overspeeding and drunk driving,” the officer listed.

A total of 65 cases pertaining to violation of zebra crossing was booked.

Traffic West police station registered the highest of 40 cases followed by 15 in Traffic East, 8 in Traffic North and two in Traffic South police stations under the City Police Commissioneratre jurisdiction, said Patil.

Cases for horn use

“Shrill horns have been affecting motorists as well as passengers. The horns have been used by small vehicles to large trucks and buses. In a bid to crackdown on such horns, the police have booked 61 cases against vehicles using shrill horns. Traffic North police station booked the highest number of 29 cases, followed by Traffic West (18 cases), Traffic East (11 cases) and Traffic South (3 cases),” the commissioner added.

During a weekly phone-in programme had clarified that it was mandatory to cover trucks carrying sand, gravel, and soil with tarpaulin. Failure to use tarpaulin had been inconveniencing two-wheeler riders. Accordingly, in the special drive, 87 cases have been booked for not covering with tarpaulin. Traffic West police station has registered the highest number of cases with 42, South has 25 cases, North has 12 and East has 8 cases, Patil said.

In the drive against tinted glasses, the police have registered 87 cases. Traffic West registered up to 28 cases, South had 25, North had 21 and East had 13 cases.


Under overspeeding, there were 91 cases, said Patil. Traffic West station registered 31 cases, followed by Traffic East with 29 cases, Traffic South had 20 cases and Traffic North had 11 cases.

The highest number of cases were booked for drunk driving during the drive. A total of 200 cases were booked with Traffic East, registering the highest of 70 cases. Traffic South had 47 cases, Traffic West had 42 cases and Traffic North had 41 cases, said Patil.

The police have towed away 128 vehicles that were parked in non-parking areas, parked haphazardly and parked on footpaths. Traffic East towed away the highest of 72 vehicles, followed by Traffic West (56 vehicles).

“Fines were collected from the defaulters after registering the cases,” said the commissioner.

‘Meter baddi’

In his tweet, the commissioner has warned moneylenders regarding charging of exorbitant interest, which is colloquially called ‘meter baddi’.

He has said, “There are laws prohibiting charging of exorbitant interests. Plz don’t fall prey to moneylenders who lend on exorbitant interest rates. Any information on such moneylenders...plz share with us.”

(Published 24 April 2019, 18:19 IST)

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