Vacant plots turn dumping ground

Last Updated 20 October 2019, 17:01 IST

The vacant sites in various layouts in Chikkamagaluru have been turned into a dumping ground.

The plots are piled high with garbage, old clothes, plastic waste, alcohol bottles, construction debris and other waste. The stench emanating from the land has made life miserable.

The dumping of garbage on vacant sites is common at Jayanagara, Hosamane Layout Ramanahalli, Pais Compound, Madhuvana layout, Shankarapura, Kalyananagara, Housing Board and others. Weeds have also grown all over these vacant sites.

Bandicoots are regular visitors at the plots. Vermin menace has also been haunting the residents situated nearby.

The CMC has failed to act against the haphazard dumping of garbage. Tourists dump wastes beside the roads. The civic workers do not clean the garbage from the vacant plots, said citizens.

A former CMC member said, “Vehicles visit houses to collect garbage. Many do not hand over garbage to the vehicles. Instead, they dump it beside the road. There is a need to create awareness among people and the CMC should fine those who dump on vacant sites.”

“The problem has been persisting for years. We are unable to open the windows. A foul odour pervades the air,” said a resident of Jayanagara.

Shareefgalli Second Cross Road resident Abdul Waheed said, “The garbage collection vehicles do not enter our locality. As a result, all the garbage is dumped in vacant sites. Who will listen to our woes.”

Narendra Kumar of Kohinoor Jewellers in M G Road said, “Shopkeepers dump waste including vegetable waste and meat. The vacant site turns into a ground for attending nature’s call in the evening. The vacant site owners do not clean the sites as well.”

When it rains, the garbage from vacant sites slides into the drains, resulting in the choking of drains. The choked drains then create artificial flooding, said the residents.

Speaking to DH, CMC Commissioner K Parameshi said, “The CMC will clear garbage and weeds from the vacant sites. The cost incurred for the cleanliness drive will be collected from the site owners. The drive will be taken up after the monsoon.”

(Published 20 October 2019, 16:50 IST)

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