Indore announces cash reward of Rs 1000 for information on child beggars

Additionally, citizens who provide credible information about child begging in the city more than once will be honored by the district administration.
Last Updated 21 February 2024, 07:07 IST

While Indore might hold the title of the cleanest city in the country, the sight of women carrying babies soliciting alms at bus stops, railway stations, supermarkets, malls, and city traffic junctions has become all too common in 'Swachh' Indore.

Taking a firm stance against this social menace, the Indore administration has initiated a drive to eradicate child begging across the city. They have announced a cash reward of Rs 1000 for anyone providing information about children being coerced into begging on the streets.

This initiative follows closely on the heels of an incident where a woman earned Rs 6 lakh through alms in just six weeks on the streets of Indore with her child, according to a report by the Times of India. The administration later rescued the beggar and her 8-year-old child near Luv-Kush Square in the city.

On Monday, Indore Collector Asheesh Singh convened a meeting with the district administration to discuss measures aimed at identifying and curbing the issue of child begging in the city. Authorities have decided to reward citizens who report instances of child begging.

"Citizens who report incidents of child begging will receive a cash reward. A WhatsApp number, 9691729017, has been designated for reporting child alms practices," posted the official handle of the Indore Collector on X.

Additionally, citizens who provide credible information about child begging in the city more than once will be honoured. Child begging activities will be monitored at intersections through CCTV cameras.

Employees of the Women and Child Development Department will be stationed at AICTSL and the Police Control Room to keep a vigilant eye. Upon observing any instances of child begging, they will promptly inform the rescue team, which will take immediate action. Strict measures will be taken against offenders.

So far, FIRs have been filed against three culprits for coercing children into begging, and 17 children have been rescued under this campaign.

(Published 21 February 2024, 07:07 IST)

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