'Party issues must be discussed at CWC, not outside,' says Congress leader Bhupesh Baghel

Last Updated 24 November 2020, 09:07 IST

Amid criticism of the Congress top brass by some leaders following a poor show in the Bihar polls, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister and Congress leader Bhupesh Baghel said that the party can't rule out the possibility of improvement.

Sonia Gandhi-led party has been divided into two after its poor performance in the Bihar Assembly Elections.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Chhattisgarh CM said, "Ups and downs are natural in politics. With time there will be a change. In times ahead, our performance can be good. We cannot rule out that possibility." He also added that Congress's loss is discussed widely but when the party wins, nobody talks about it.

Talking about facing repeated defeats, Baghel maintained a positive stance and said that there would be improvement and change.

He also slammed BJP for "scrapping through" in Bihar polls. He said, "Is the BJP winning everywhere? How did they perform in Goa or Karnataka? Yes, they formed the government through backdoor breaking parties but how did they perform? Even in Bihar, they just scraped through. They managed to get just three seats more than the halfway mark. They have 125. Are they comfortable? It is not a clear-cut majority. Just scraping through is not enough. The question is how much the people appreciated your policies and programmes."

Recently, senior party leaders like Ghulam Nabi Azad, Kapil Sibal opened up about problems in the party. But Baghel feels that these issues must be discussed at the party and not outside. "It can be said in the party forum. The CWC meets regularly. Ghar ki baat toh aap bahar main thodi na karenge. See, if there is some issue between father and son at home. It has one meaning and if they take it outside, it will have a different meaning," the news website quoted him as saying.

Two days ago senior Congress leader Azam slammed his own party by saying that there was a huge disconnect between people and Congress leaders and "five-star culture" had crept into the party.

(Published 24 November 2020, 08:25 IST)

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