Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha: Rules cited by Treasury & Opposition benches

Here are all the rules that were cited to defend and oppose Rahul Gandhi's speech in the Lok Sabha on July 1.
Last Updated : 02 July 2024, 09:32 IST

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The Lok Sabha rulebook was cited numerous times during the tumultuous session of the Parliament on July 1 after Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack at the BJP saying the leaders of the ruling party are not Hindus as they engage in "violence and hate" round the clock, drawing massive protests from the treasury benches. While parts of Rahul Gandhi's speech have been expunged now, let us take a look at the rules that were quoted in the session both by the Opposition and the ruling NDA to rebuttal.

Rule 359 (xvi) - Quoted when LoP Rahul Gandhi displayed a poster with Hindu God Shiva's image

The rule states, whilst the House is sitting, a member— "shall not display flags, emblems or any exhibits in the House"

Rule 359 (xii) - Was quoted alleging that Rahul Gandhi had his back to the Speaker and was facing the Opposition benches while speaking on the Motion of Thanks on the President's address

The rule says that while the House in order, an MP "shall not sit or stand with back towards the Chair"

Rule 352 (ii) - Quoted when Rahul Gandhi made a comment on the Hindu community

A member while speaking shall not— "[make personal reference by way of making an allegation imputing a motive to or questioning the bona fides of any other member of the House unless it be imperatively necessary for the purpose of the debate being itself a matter in issue or relevant thereto]

Rule 352 (vii) - Mentioned saying that Rahul Gandhi just used the image of Lord Shiva and did not say anything derogatory against the Hindu deity

A member while speaking shall not "utter treasonable, seditious or defamatory words"

Rule 356 - The rule was cited after Rahul Gandhi once again displayed the poster of Lord Shiva in the Lok Sabha as he attacked the BJP of attacking the minorities in the country

"The Speaker, after having called the attention of the House to the conduct of a member who persists in irrelevance or in tedious repetition either in one’s own arguments or of the arguments used by other members in debate, may direct that member to discontinue the speech"

Rule 349 (ii) Brought into light when environment minister Bhupender Yadav interrupted Rahul Gandhi to cite Rule 356

Whilst the House is sitting, a member "shall not interrupt any member while speaking by disorderly expression or noises or in any other disorderly manner"

Today, Bansuri Swaraj moved a notice under Direction 115 in Lok Sabha over Rahul Gandhi's speech

The notice states, "The abovementioned statements made by LoP in the Lok Sabha are factually incorrect and misleading in nature and hence appropriate proceedings ought to be initiated as provided under Rule 115. I therefore pray that you kindly take cognizance of the deliberate inaccuracies made by Rahul Gandhi and take necessary action."

Published 02 July 2024, 09:32 IST

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