Sheena Bora murder case: Indrani Mukerjea reveals her one 'regret'

When asked about her being 'framed' in this case, Indrani told that there could be various reasons why someone would frame her, like 'financial', personal'.
Last Updated 03 March 2024, 12:29 IST

The Indrani Mukerjea Story: Buried Truth, a documentary series on Indrani Mukerjea, who is facing trial for allegedly killing her daughter Sheena Bora has recently been released on the OTT platform Netflix.

The docu-series delves into the disappearance of 25-year-old Sheena Bora in 2015.

In an interview with India Today, Indrani opened up and said that her biggest regret in the past 15 years was meeting her former husband, Peter Mukerjea, and marrying him.

"But I think...I know who my friends are and who are not....I think I'm lucky, and I'm going to fight this," she told the publication.

When asked about the reasons why someone would 'frame' her in this case, Indrani told that there could be various reasons for this, like 'financial' or personal'.

"There were a lot of things that happened on the day of my arrest and after my arrest that made me believe over a period that definitely (I was framed)," she told India Today.

Asserting that she had no role in Sheena Bora's murder, Indrani said, "No matter how hard anyone tries, they will never be able to bring evidence against me only because they cannot prove a crime that I haven't committed."

Upon being asked when she revealed to Peter's family that Sheena was her daughter and not her sister, Indrani Mukerjea told nobody other than Peter Mukerjea knew about this.

"The only person who knew about it in Peter's family as far as I've communicated is Peter...Of course, he knew about it....That is something, which I think there is enough evidence to back that up."

Bora was allegedly strangled to death in a car by Indrani, her then driver Shyamvar Rai and former husband Sanjeev Khanna in April 2012. As per reports, Bora was Indrani's daughter from her previous relationship. Her body was burnt in a forest in the neighbouring Raigad district.

The murder came to light in 2015 after Rai revealed about the killing following his arrest in another case.

Indrani was arrested in August 2015 and granted bail in May 2022. The other accused in the case, Rai, Khanna and Peter Mukerjea, are also out on bail.

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(Published 03 March 2024, 12:29 IST)

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