'Someone sick in my house...': Thief leaves behind apology note after heist, pledges to return stolen cash, jewellery

The theft took place in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district in the residence of an old couple who were out of town.
Last Updated : 05 July 2024, 12:00 IST

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In Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district, a thief stole around Rs 60,000 in cash, two pairs of gold earnings and silver anklets. However, he left a note written in Tamil asking for forgiveness and pledging to return the items within a month.

As per an article on the Hindustan Times, he wrote in a letter, "Forgive me. I will return [it] in one month. Someone sick in my house."

The theft took place in the residence of 79-year-old retired teacher Chithirai Selvin and his wife, who is also a retired educator. On June 17, the couple had gone to visit their son in Chennai and left the house in the care of a hired help.

The help discovered that the house has been broken into on Tuesday night and immediately called the police as per reports.

The Megnanapuram police has initiated an investigation into the matter.

As per an article on News 18, a similar incident took place in Shanghai, China recently.

A man broke into an office and stole a watch and laptop and also left a surprising note behind for the owner. The thief advised the owner to upgrade the security measures. The burglar had reportedly managed to enter the office premises by scaling the building’s outer wall.

The burgler took a few electronic devices and gathered mobile phones and laptops and piled them on a desk. He left a note underneath the pile stating that he wasn't taking all the devices as that might hurt the business. He also left a phone number in case the owner wanted back any of the laptops or the phones.

The man was caught shortly after the incident by the police. The police used public surveillance and the number left behind by the man to track him down and arrest him a few hours after the incident.

Published 05 July 2024, 12:00 IST

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