Tighten your belts for any eventuality: NSCN-IM chairman Q Tuccu asks his cadres

NSCN-IM, which is in ceasefire since 1997 claims that Nagas were never part of India
Last Updated 31 January 2021, 17:01 IST

The NSCN (IM) chairman Q Tuccu on Sunday asked his cadres to tighten their belts to face "any eventuality" while claiming that government of India was not yet serious and honest with the Nagas regarding the ongoing talks.

"My brothers and sisters, sons and daughters allow me to say this, be on your guard, Government of India is yet to get serious and honest with the Nagas vis-à-vis the ongoing political talk. Nagas are being taken as if they are purchasable commercial commodities..."

"At this historical defining moment NSCN cadres should not allow ourselves to be caught unprepared; we must tighten our belt to face any eventuality," Tuccu said in his speech on the occasion of 42nd Raising Day of the Naga outfit.

NSCN-IM, which is in ceasefire since 1997 claims that Nagas were never part of India. The outfit signed a framework agreement with the Centre in August 2015 but the outfit's insistence for recognition to a separate Naga flag and Constitution has become a stumbling block for signing the final agreement.

"Because of the fact that Nagalim has never been an integral part of India, it has been held under forced occupation with martial law of AFSPA from the fifties till date," Tuccu said.

The comment comes days after R. N. Ravi, Nagaland Governor and the Centre's interlocutor for Naga talks, in his Republic Day speech said that the government's efforts for the past 24-years could not fructify as yet due to "unrealistic intransigence of some people who are unwilling to forsake the politics by gun." Ravi, however, did not take the name of any organisation.

Stating that the Nagas would abide by the Framework Agreement only, Tuccu said, "Since the Government of India and the NSCN have signed the Framework Agreement, that India and Nagalim shall enter a new relationship for peaceful co-existence of the two entities on the basis of shared sovereignty, meaning, Nagas are sovereign people, Nagas will abide by the principles of the Framework Agreement- nothing above and nothing below the Framework Agreement. Only the principle of the Framework Agreement is the key to an honourable and acceptable solution for durable peace. Neither economic packages nor imposed political packages will bring about a lasting solution."

(Published 31 January 2021, 17:01 IST)

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