Argentina detains 12 in bomb attacks ahead of G20

Argentina detains 12 in bomb attacks ahead of G20

Weapons and ammunition that were found by Argentine police at the residence of two Argentine citizens with suspected links to Lebanon's Hezbollah militia are seen at the police headquarters in Buenos Aires. Reuters photo

Argentine officials say they've arrested 12 presumed anarchists in connection with two homemade bomb attacks two weeks before world leaders gather in Buenos Aires for the Group of 20 summit.

One bomb exploded Wednesday night near the mausoleum of a police chief assassinated by anarchists a century ago.

A woman suspected of involvement was injured. In a second attack, a bag of explosives was thrown at the home of a judge. Those devices didn't go off until a controlled detonation by police.

Security Minister Patricia Bullrich blames both on people with "an anarchist orientation." Officials haven't said if the attacks are aimed at the Nov. 30 summit, but Justice Minister German Garavano said security would be redoubled and a G20 summit coordinator said security was at maximum alert.