Hong Kong protesters use tattoos to rebel against govt

Hong Kong protesters use tattoos to rebel against govt

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Hong Kong's civilians have been protesting for democracy for the past few months. A notable aspect of the movement is that most of the protests have been non-violent. However, the police have used violence to quell the unrest. The citizens have now found a new way to protest - by getting inked, according to a CNN report.

A local tattoo artist offered his services for free throughout July, and one of his designs included the bauhinia flower displayed on the national flag. The artist wanted to remain anonymous and revealed that around 100 people took him up on his offer, either as a new experience or as a way to display their support for the cause, the report said.

Another tattoo that has become popular is that of the crying eye, which is supposed to symbolise the eye of a female protester who was shot with a projectile by police earlier this month.



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Artist Zada Lam, who goes by the username zada_hk on Instagram, has gained popularity for his umbrella tattoo designs, which flood his Instagram handle. The reason is that umbrellas have become a symbol of protest in the country and people use them to protect their faces from tear gas.



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"Some of the clients are getting (the tattoos) for the same reason I offered them -- they want to memorialise this moment and everything they witnessed," said Lam in a CNN interview. "This tattoo can help them remember the Hong Kong of today, the things that have happened. They want to express how much they love Hong Kong, love this place."