India concerned about safety of Pakistan's nukes

India concerned about safety of Pakistan's nukes

"We are concerned with the safety of Pakistan's nuclear installations," senior officials, travelling with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, said here.

"The real risk is internal - who guards the guardians," the Indian officials said while alluding to the Pakistani military establishment which controls Pakistan's nuclear arsenals.

"They seem to have embarked on a huge nuclear programme. They are building research reactors at Khusab," the officials said when asked about recent reports about Pakistan's ambitious plans to upgrade its nuclear weapons.  According to western estimates, Pakistan is believed to have about a hundred nuclear warheads.

"If anybody attacks us, there will be assured and massive retaliation. This is the meaning of credible deterrence," the officials added, while assuring on India's quantum of credible deterrence and New Delhi's nuclear doctrine that abjures the first use of nuclear weapons.

Manmohan Singh is here to attend the Africa-India summit May 24-25.