Indian origin teen wins USD 100K quiz show prize in US

Indian origin teen wins USD 100K quiz show prize in US

Avi Gupta

An Indian-American teen has won a whopping USD 100,000 prize in the most-watched individual quiz show in the US, according to a statement.

Gupta's victory on the '2019 Teen Jeopardy' contest was televised on Friday in which he beat out three other Indian-American teens.

Gupta, a high school senior from Portland, Oregon, won the show's latest Teen Tournament, taking home the USD100,000 grand prize, Jeopardy! said in a statement.




"It still feels unreal, and I honestly can't express how grateful and fortunate I feel to have had this opportunity," Gupta said.


"Jeopardy! has always been a huge part of my life and my family's life; it’s a special bonding connection with my grandma, who is a huge fan," he added.

"As a mother my heart was beating 100 miles per hour. I think the thing about Avi is his perseverance. For him, I could see the effort he has put in throughout the year, So I wanted to just have him have a happy wholesome experience. And the win was the cherry on top," Nandita Gupta, his mother said.

Ryan Presler, an eighth-grader from Sioux Falls, came in second place, grabbing the USD 50,000 runner-up prize, while Lucas Miner, a high school junior from Miami, received USD 25,000 for his third-place troubles.

The 2018 College Jeopardy, which also carried a prize of $100,000, was won by Dhruv Gaur.

Jeopardy!, which featured a total of 15 students, is an American television game show which features a quiz competition in which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions.