Iran summons Bahrain envoy over 'terrorist' cell claims

Iran summons Bahrain envoy over 'terrorist' cell claims

The Bahraini diplomat was reportedly summoned yesterday to the foreign ministry, a week after Iran complained publicly of the "ridiculous" claims.

On November 13, Bahrain's judiciary said a five-member "terrorist" cell facing charges of planning attacks in the Arab kingdom had links to Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards.
Hossein Kamalian, a top Iranian foreign ministry official in charge of Gulf affairs, protested Bahrain's claim, which he warned would play into the hands of the region's foes, today's report said.

"These moves will not do anything to resolve Bahrain's problem," Kamalian said. "The solution to Bahrain's issues is a proper response to the legitimate demands of Bahraini Muslims."

Relations between Iran and Bahrain turned bitter this year when the Gulf Arab country's Sunni regime clamped down on pro-democracy protests led by members of the majority Shiite population.

Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, has repeatedly condemned the crackdown and has criticised heavy sentences handed out to arrested protesters.