Jordanians want PM out, parliament dissolved

Jordanians want PM out, parliament dissolved

"The people want to reform the regime and eliminate corruption. Jordan is free, Bakhit, get out," demonstrators chanted as they marched from Al-Husseini mosque in the city centre to the nearby city hall.

Holding large national flags, the protesters carried banners reading "the people want democracy and social justice" and "we want to dissolve parliament."

The demonstration was organised by the powerful Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), as well as leftist and other opposition parties.

"The demonstrations will continue until reforms are achieved," Jamil Abu Baker, Brotherhood spokesman, told AFP.

"So far, we cannot see any (government) intention to carry out reforms. The people are determined to have real reforms and get rid of corruption."

Hundreds of March 24 youth movement members, who were attacked last month by government supporters in clashes that killed one man and injured 160, held a sit-in outside the city hall, calling for general reforms and singing national songs.

Around 200 policemen were deployed as dozens of government supporters gathered in the area.

Pro-reform demonstrations were held in other, such as Karak and Maan in the south, and Zaraqa and Irbid in the north.

Yesterday, the US embassy in Amman told Americans to avoid areas of protests, saying that "even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence."

Jordan has been the scene of three months of protests calling for political and economic reforms as well as the stamping out of corruption.