No takers to head Pakistan panel on Osama killing

No takers to head Pakistan panel on Osama killing

Osama was gunned down May 2 by US commandos who stormed the Al Qaeda leader's high-walled hideout in Abbottabad city, barely 120 km from Pakistan's capital of Islamabad.

A joint session of parliament May 13 recommended setting up of the panel to look into Osama's killing.

Information Minister Firdous Ashiq said the government was looking for an individual who is nationally and internationally accepted, reported the daily Dawn.

Sources said that the government was looking for some non-controversial name but so far has failed in it search.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has sought a session of the National Assembly to discuss what it calls a “deliberate delay by the government in announcing formation of the commission”.

A top government official told the Dawn that nobody was willing to take up a responsibility that would attract media glare.

The task was also difficult since the terms of references for the job would include fixing responsibility at the top military level, the official said.