Pakistan orders probe into human trafficking to Iran

At least 85 people have been deported back to Pakistan by Iran, when they were caught living in the country without valid immigration documents. These people are believed to have been smuggled to Iran through the Taftan border in Balochistan.

Malik ordered an immediate inquiry into the incident, and asked how could such a large number of people be allowed to cross the border in one go without any proper visa or documentation.

"We will unearth this racket that has made the future of thousands of youngsters bleak by showing them dreams of greener pastures," said Malik.

Officials said agents mostly recruit youngsters belonging to humble families from all over Pakistan and promise them lucrative employment in foreign countries.

The regional director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been asked to rush to the border immediately and furnish a detailed report within three days.

There have been several instances of Pakistani immigration agents sending youngsters through the border into Iran and then onwards to Greece, Turkey and other European countries. Most of them either get caught or die during the journey and their loved ones back home never get to hear from them.

Last year, a container carrying some people to the Taftan border was seized near Quetta and more than 50 bodies were recovered. The people had died due to suffocation.
There have been times when people of Afghan, Chechen and Uzbek origins were smuggled into Pakistan through the Chaman border in Balochistan and then smuggled to Iran to be sent to Europe.

The authorities manning the border in Afghanistan are allegedly believed to be part of the racket and have failed to take any measures to stop this trade that has been operating for several years now.

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