Power starved Pakistan hires largest ship-based power plant

A Turkish ship carrying power plant berthed at the Karachi port and will begin feeding 232 megawatt power into the national grid within four weeks after a dedication ceremony on Sunday, Asad Mehmood, project director of the Turkish ship 'Kaya Bey' said.

The Turkish power producing ship has entered into a five year contract with a Pakistani national power company.

The first beneficiary of the ship to shore power supply would be this teaming Pakistani metropolis and later the power plant may be moved to the nearby Korangi area to feed the local thermal power plant there.

But despite the drastic steps of hiring a power supply ship, the feed from the vessel will hardly make a dent in the over all power crisis in the country.Pakistan`s energy demands outstrip supply by a whooping estimated 5,000 megawatts thanks to lack of investments, soaring usage and crumbling electric generation infrastructure.Power outages lasts upto 18 hours a day in some parts of the country.

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