Three Britons to ride rickshaw from Kochi to Shillong

Three Britons to ride rickshaw from Kochi to Shillong

Three intrepid Britons are training to embark on a Kochi to Shillong ride in a rickshaw in April to raise funds for two charity organisations.

Richard Hudson, Max McLaren and Ed Rayfield – all aged 24 – will wear Spandex Morphsuits during the journey, according to details by the three-member team that calls itself the 'Dysentery Dodgers'.

The London-based team will fly to India on April 3 for the 3,600 km Rickshaw Run with hopes to raise 3,000 pounds for two charity organisations, Mencap and Frank Water. The team say they are training for the event by lounging in saunas and eating curry.

McLaren said: "I'm quite a hygienic person so living in Morphsuits for three weeks and not being able to shower three times a day like I do at the moment - that's quite a worry for me".

The team has offered incentives to donors based in the UK. For 50 pounds donation, donors will be get an Indian souvenir from the trip, while 100 pounds will get the donor an online video thank you message.

In return for a donation of 200 pounds or more, the trio will carry a cardboard cut-out of the donor throughout the journey.