Toxic compound to be banned from baby bottles

Tests show that Bisphenol A (BPA) can leach from the bottle into any liquid it contains, with potentially damaging results. The organic compound is believed to impair development in toddlers.

The chemical is widely used in making hard, clear plastic and is commonly found in food and drink containers.

The European Union has (EU) approved the ban, which will come into effect in Europe next year, reports the Daily Mail.

Last month Canada officially classed Bisphonel A as toxic because of its 'biological diversity' and several US manufacturers have voluntarily withdrawn the compound.

EU commissioner John Dalli said: "There were areas of uncertainty, deriving from new studies, which showed that BPA might have an effect on development, immune response and tumour promotion.

"The decision is good news for European parents who can be sure that as of mid-2011, plastic infant feeding bottles will not include BPA."

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