Afghan official: Roadside bombing kills 10 civilians

Afghan official: Roadside bombing kills 10 civilians

AP/PTI Photo

A roadside bombing in central Afghanistan on Friday killed 10 civilians, including four women and a child, an Afghan official said.

The explosion, which took place in the district of Jaghato in Ghazni province, also wounded six civilians, according to Marwa Amini, spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry.

The civilians were in a minivan, traveling from the Day Kundi province to the city of Ghazni, the Ghazni provincial capital, when their vehicle was targeted.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but Amini blamed the Taliban, who control much of the region.

The Taliban control or hold sway over nearly half of Afghanistan, staging regular attacks that target foreign and Afghan forces, as well as Kabul government officials, but also kill scores of civilians.